Soapbox Ninja is
A raised platform for sharing and forming views on topics that matter to you.
Standing on a wooden crate and giving speeches is so 19th century. I’ll make an internet version for ninjas. *steps off the wooden crate* by random ninja
How does it work?
Everything revolves around topics. Either you created it or joined last, it acts like dynamic post where everyone has equal say over it by adding or voting on:
  • Topic name
  • Each topic name can be addressed only once. The score shows overall sentiment on topic name. The better the score, the more chances for other people to find it.
  • Categories
  • Each topic resides under one category, that is the one with the best score. You can create or recommend new categories for topic under Edit button located next to best category.
  • Images and Videos
  • Only one image or video is featured inside the topic, that is the one with the best score. Gallery button is located under best category, where you can add, vote and view other images and videos.
  • Comments
  • As with images, the same goes for comments. Only the best one will be featured inside the topic. You can view, vote and add new ones below the topic.
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