By Rampa Apprentice 3 years ago
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Rampa Rampa Apprentice 3 years ago
I wonder what the future of afganistan will look like? Seems like the taliban are taking back the lost teritory or even the teritory they never occupied.

citation from al jazeera
The Taliban has captured Afghanistan’s main border crossing with Tajikistan, an Afghan provincial official and army officer said on Tuesday, with some security forces abandoning their posts and fleeing across the frontier.

I don't know what NATO/USA plans are for Afganistan. Maybe to create a new boogie man so they can battle them in the future again, testing new weapons and tactics. Or they finally realized they should leave that nation to resolve their tribal wars on their own. But it looks like the Taliban are really strong faction in the country and will probably rule it in the couple of years. Their ideology is sharia law which is not really a nice thing to live by.
Apart from all the bloodshed it will be nice to see what the country will be transformed into in years to come.

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