Anxiety Issues

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Anxiety Issues
Basically anxiety disorder includes excessive worry and persistent that affects every day exercises. This continuous tension and worry might be accompanied by actual side effects, like anxiety, feeling nervous or easily fatigued, trouble concentrating, muscle tension or sleeping issues.
How to control anxiety?
Here are some ways to control anxiety:
• Slow breathing
• Healthy life style
• Take small acts of bravery
• Plan worry time
• Stay in the present moment
How can I calm my anxiety?
Here are some helpful tips you can try the next time you need to calm down yourself.
• Breathe
• Admit that you're angry or anxious
• Challenge your thoughts
• Release the anger or anxiety
• Visualize yourself calm
• Think it through
• Change your focus
Can you control your own anxiety?
Yes can control your own anxiety by following tips:
•Control your worry
•Learn ways to relax
•Exercise regularly
•Get plenty of sleep
•Do not abuse alcohol or drugs
• Avoid caffeine Contact Us:
Email: [email protected]
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