Crypto Civil War

By UbermenchRonin Elite 3 years ago
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UbermenchRonin UbermenchRonin Elite 3 years ago
Bitcoin and Altcoin MAXIS? The ‘’civil war of crypto’’
There is a civil war in crypto, fought between holders of different cryptocurrencies. A lot of people own one coin and despise any other, we call those people MAXIS. You have many different groups but that is beside the point, because I’m not here to say which group is right or wrong, I’ll let time be the judge of that. What is interesting to me is how can YOU be sure that decisions you took, when it comes to investing in crypto, were made by research and understanding and not bias and hopium.
Majority of people in crypto, don't know why they hate a certain coin. It usually just means they don't own that coin but own another instead. They also don't know why they bought that coin, they were just thrown into the sea of coins and grabbed the first one they saw. Which means they're bias, they will not look at utility or the problems the coin is solving, but just blindly believe in it.
So for me, every crypto investor is in a battle with himself and his own bias. And since this is your money, make sure that you don't spend your time fighting this stupid crypto civil war and instead fight the battle with your own bias. But that is hard to do once you already own a coin. The only way you can really be sure, well as much as you can, is to research a coin before you buy it, before you even have a chance to become bias.
What is your way of making sure that you did all you could and invested in something you understand?

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