Is manual trading a dying industry?

By Anonymous 3 years ago
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Anonymous Anonymous 3 years ago
Let me give my opinion first so you will see why I started this topic and what my concerns are.
So, I think manual trading is more and more difficult to do profitably. There is more money traded by algorithms than humans already, and with algorithms comes accuracy and efficiency. So as more money is traded this way, the fewer opportunities there will be for humans(manual trading).
We humans will always make mistakes, and in trading even more because it effects your emotions. For most people trading is like an emotional roller coaster depending on a good vs. bad trade. We are also drawn to "get rich quick" schemes, overtrading because your platform flashes with all those red and green lights, changing trading educators or gurus constantly and therefore "strategy"...
These are some of the reasons I think why algorithms dominate the trading world and humans will no longer be able to trade profitably. I don't think we are there yet, and I don't know when we will be, perhaps 1 year, perhaps 5, but it's probably inevitable.
Would love to hear what you guys think about it, especially from someone who is an algorithmic trader.

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