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By Liam B Elite 3 years ago
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Anima41 Anima41 Apprentice 3 years ago
There are so many unknowns in the Last Shelter... you pretty much start playing the game without knowing anything and if you don't google stuff, you are going to waste a lot of time getting nowhere.

The guy I learned most of the stuff from is Acer of Spades and here is his youtube channel: I highly recommend checking him out.

My nr.1 tip would be to learn Clash of Zones rotation of events, so here they are:

Gathering day - You gather resources, make sure you pop the gathering speed booster and send out units before the event starts. They only need to be back in the base when monday starts and the points will count. Don't forget to pop 100% CoZ score boost ticket before recalling troops back to base.

Building day - You upgrade buildings. Nothing complicated here.

Tech day - You upgrade tech. Just like in the building day, nothing complicated here either.

Hero day - You can upgrade hero skills, use the tickets, level up heroes, kill zombies e.g. everything that has to do with heroes.

Training day - You train troops on this day. Hourly challenges for troop training only occur 6 times through the whole day so make sure you catch those hours.

Kill event(KE) - You fight against the opponent state. You can teleport there and attack enemies, but keep in mind that they can attack you too, so if you are not participating make sure you use a shield. If you are in a warm-up week, then this day will be the same as sunday(you will pick what event you want, but there will not be KE).

You pick what event you want - You can pick any event you want. You should choose an event that will help you with things that you are weak in. For example, I completed all buildings, tech, upgraded all heroes that I could, have more than enough troops, so I always choose KE on this day except on warm-up week since you can't. It would not make sense to select building/tech... day since I would not be able to complete it.

Make sure you complete all those events in combination with hourly challenges. For example, if it's a building day, wait for an hourly challenge to give you points for upgrading buildings. You pop the 100% boost ticket and complete it. If you are low on 100% boosters, you can pop the ticket 15 minutes before the ending of the hourly challenge. Boosters last 30minutes, so it will work for 10 minutes into the next challenge(hourly challenge starts 5 minutes after the whole hour).

Also, it's good not to "overshoot" the hourly challenges, for example: if the hourly challenge needs 5.2 million points for the 3rd box, don't reach 10 million points. Of course this is not always possible but it's not good to waste :)

If you are interested in an hourly challenge schedule I recommend:

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