Smells Like Money Podcast. The DooDoo Diva’s special show! “Call Me, OK?” Season 3 Episode #10.

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richardblank richardblank Unranked 7 months ago
the Doo Doo Diva has been spreading her knowledge through episodes for over a year now. With an impressive itinerary of guests, The Smells Like Money podcast discussed a wide range of topics, from navigating demographic pools to understanding your clientele. Listen to the latest episode in the playlist below.

Listen to this latest episode of “The DooDoo Diva's Smells Like Money Podcast” Season 3 Episode #10. Richard Blank talks about how call centers are essential in building businesses and how this can be applied in the Wastewater Infrastructure Industry. He starts by stating that the first thing to alleviate getting unlikely experiences for a small company as well as a medium size company is that the company should do more voice support instead of non-voice support, because if you're just pressing buttons or filling out a form, it can raise temperature levels and frustration. Richard also states that it's very easy to retain a client, to get a referral and maybe even upsell.

This episode covers: ? Executing Voice Supports rather than Non-voice for Small or Medium Businesses ? The Affordable Consideration of Outsourcing your Customer Service Call Center ? Foreign Outsourcing Increases Business at 95% Literacy

I hope you find this episode as informative and as exciting as we have.

We take the mystery out of digital marketing and PR. Whether through our DIY e-courses and coaching programs or our done-for-you or done-with-you services, we are passionate about helping businesses in the wastewater infrastructure, treatment and related civil infrastructure sectors thrive, not just survive in the new digital selling environment.

You may have read some of my articles in Municipal Sewer & Water, Treatment Plant Operator, Cleaner, Trenchless Technology and more. I’m also a contributing author in two books that are in the Library of Congress and have been frequently invited to speak at national and international conferences such as WWETT. I have a deep understanding and love for what professionals in this vital industry do everyday and what it takes to be successful. My weekly podcast is dedicated to delivering industry know-how from industry pros who know how. It is my way of giving back to an industry that has been so very good to me.

If you work with me and my team you’ll experience the benefits of our four recurring pillars: Integrity, Respect, Generosity and Creativity. Our Goal: Exceptional ROI—Each client-centric solution is built with YOUR intended Return On Investment in mind.

? Integrity: In marketing and consultancy, integrity is critical, our word is our bond. The conversation and subsequent narrative thrives on it.

? Respect: Business relationships are sustained by mutual respect. Our team’s approach to understanding your needs and developing solutions is built on respect and extends to your end-user or client.

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