Weapon of your choice for zombie apocalypse?

By Rampa Apprentice 3 years ago
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DrunkLantern93 DrunkLantern93 Skilled 3 years ago
Ohh I like this topic😁first of all...trust me on this one, I'm an engineer. All clear? OK, hear me out:

I would not choose a flamethrower, I would CREATE it. You might be asking me "why create something that already exists?"... and my answer would be "that's a dumb question" and would continue with my explanation acting really cool but boiling on the inside...

What I would create is a flamethrower that would run on fuel made from zombie corpses! It would be called...wait for it... INFINITE ZOMBIE LOOP!!! Awesome I know...

It would run on an infinite loop of course. Let me explain it to a non-engineer minds because I don't want you to wander in the dark. You would need to have some initial fuel of course, but that would never be the problem in the apocalypse. There is always some family member lying around that you can use.

So after you have some initial fuel for it, you do the obvious...burn the zombies and use their corpses for the fuel next. It's really simple, isn't it?

Now this is the moment you might start thinking you are smarter than me and be like(read this in some dumb voice to get the right impression): "but if you burn them, you can't use them for fuel"...WRONG! You proved only one thing right now, and it's not that you're smart, but that you watch too many movies. Corpses might be burning like forever in movies, but not in real life. The only thing running forever in this scenario is Infinite Zombie Loop.

So... let's continue. After you would burn the zombies, not incinerate them...you would just turn them into more fuel of course.

You might be wondering why you haven't come up with such an awesome idea...let me tell you why: you are not thinking seriously enough about life, and that's really irresponsible!

So...go ahead and enjoy your life while you can and let others take care of your safety... I'm just gonna leave you with this thought(chew on it a bit).

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