What helped you to become a morning person?

By Nadir A. Legend 3 years ago
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Grey Eminence Grey Eminence Skilled 3 years ago
Not easy 🙂but I'm getting better at it, because there was no other option.
I wake up during workweeks at 5.35 am, and for years I was just sleepy throughout the day.

What helped me the most was forcing myself to go to bed earlier. I sleep 7 to 7,5 hours a night now. By just doing that you will feel much better the next day.

Most of the devices now have the option to set a schedule to turn off the blue light, so I would definitely recommend doing. The problem with blue light is that it signals the pineal gland in your brain not to put out melatonin and thus not to make you sleepy.

I used to have 5 alarms each morning and I would wake up on the 4th one and the 5th one being like a final "wake your ass up" measure 🙂. I also tried Philips alarm clock with a light that was gradually increasing as the alarm went off. I've read reviewers on it and it's supposed to help some, but it didn't do the trick for me. What helped me was waking up on the first alarm set and changing the tune paying to something more natural and gradual.

But maybe none of the things will help you. Maybe the problem lies somewhere else🙂. It might be your mindset. If you don't have any exciting reason to wake up, then of course it's going to be hard. And I can't help you with this one 🙂. Only you know what could be the reason for that(job, relationship...), but there are some good books about this topic, and by sleep being such a big part of life for every one of us, then it's definitely worth tackling this problem🙂.

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