Where to buy NFTs

By BeastMaster2000 Skilled 8 months ago
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GGabir GGabir Newcomer 7 months ago
The most popular marketplace for buying, selling, and creating NFTs is OpenSea(https://opensea.io).

But not all NFTs can be traded on any single marketplace, for example, Solana(SOL) has a lot of really cool NFT projects and the best marketplaces for that are SolSea(https://solsea.io/) and Solanart(https://solanart.io/).

Binance(https://binance.com) has also launched its own NFT marketplace which you can access from the top menu.

Some other marketplaces worth mentioning: SuperRare(https://superrare.com/), makersplace(https://makersplace.com/) and Decentraland(https://market.decentraland.org/).

So it may very well depend on if you know which NFT you want to buy or sell in which case you will have to register on a specific site. If you just want to browse for cool projects, then OpenSea might be a great choice since most of the NFTs are on Ethereum(ETH) and listed there(remember that gas fees on ETH are very high).

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