Where to get Super Energy Cores in Last Shelter Survival

By Valuable Bicycle Elite 3 years ago
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KittyXD KittyXD Apprentice 3 years ago
As you will see, getting Super Energy Cores is a slow grind if you are not buying packages :) so here are ways to get them:

1. Commercial Hub Exchange
You can exchange up to 700 Normal Energy Cores for 350 Super Energy Cores each day.

2. Doomsday Shop
You can exchange up to 45k Super Energy Cores during the Doomsday season and the exchange rate is 2 Doomsday Coins for 1 Super Energy Core.

3. In Benefits Center
For subscription, you will receive 1.5k Super Energy Cores per day, for a total of 10.5k on the 7th day.

4. In Arms Supply
You will receive 1.5k Super Energy Cores each day along with some other benefits.

5. Some Special Events
There are some special events that will give you Super Energy Cores. Keep an eye on the Event's tab and Benefits tab.

6. Direct purchases
You can of course buy large amounts of Super Energy Cores in packs.

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