9 reasons you should watch anime (if you aren’t already)

By Rikson Skilled 3 years ago
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Rikson Rikson Skilled 3 years ago
Anime is one of those entertainments that people seem to get a bit apprehensive about. We didn’t have a problem watching Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon before school in our younger years, and in fact, you probably look back on those memories with undeniable fondness. However, the older people get, the more likely they are to shunt anime off to the side and label it as a no-go. But to bring back the anime love, so I made this list.

1. It's hilarious. I never laughed as much in life as I did in anime good example Gintama

2 The characters are unique and interesting (so many personalities like One Piece anime

3 Anime is relatable Most animes will harbor serious moral philosophies from real life situations e.p. Death Note

4 Characters have flaws and die in some anime people just die a lot Re. Zero good e.p.

5. There are endless possibilities. what's the most random story you can think of? there is probably anime for that.

6 Strong female characters. in some anime girls are not just ass and tits the know-how to think and fight.

7.amazing action scenes. And not just fight scenes either! Anime is all about the action—the way it’s written lends itself to action weaving itself into the plot of any storyline. Fight scenes can be spectacular because the use of animation as a medium means that they’re limitless in a way you can’t achieve with live-action like Black Clover.

8. it's entertaining

9 Amazing storytelling. (e.g FMA Code Geass, steins:gate.)

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